Con-Tec (SL) Bayonet Fittings

Overview and Sizes

In today's world timing is everything. Few people have the time to stop at the butcher for their meat, the bakery for their bread and finally stop at the grocery store for their more common needs. It is a requirement to get high quality meat and bread at the same place you get your oatmeal and ketchup.

We have taken that theory and run with it. Now when your order you Flexible Armor, you can order the appropriate fittings you need as well, and soon you will be able to add your insulated thermocouple wire to your shopping cart as well.

Instead of managing three vendors.... deal with one. You will never have to worry about your cap not threading onto your armor... another advantage having two corresponding components made at the same facility.

Size Application Part Number
1/8" 3.5mm 1/8" SL Flex Armor SHBC-125 Flex
1/8" 3.5mm 1/8" Tube Application SHBC-125 Tube
1/8" 3.5mm 9mm Dual J Bayonet Cap SHBC-125 Tube (9MM-JJ)
3/16" 5.0mm 3/16" SL Flexible Armor SHBC-188 Flex
3/16" 5.0mm 3/16" Flex Armor 2 J Slots ("Double J") SHBC-188 Flex (J)
3/16" 5.0mm 3/16" SL Flexible Spring SHBC-188 SPRING
3/16" 5.0mm 9mm Dual J for 3/16" Flex Armor SHBC-188 Flex (12MM JJ)
3/16" 5.0mm 3/16" Tube Application 265270-S-CAP