Con-Tec Thermocouple Wire

Con-Tec is the only manufacturer in the world to produce flexible armor in the same facility that also insulates the thermocouple wire. This gives our customer base the ability to draw to freight costs by combining shipments as well as helping them shorten their supply chain.

All items available with Stainless Steel Overbraid.


Grade Stock Code Conductor Guage / Conductor Type Pos (+) Compound Neg (-) Compound Jacket Color Operating Temps
Extension KX-PC/PC-20
20 Guage Solid
20 Guage Stranded
Chrome Yellow PVC Alumel Red PVC Yellow PVC 200 - 2000° F


20 Gauge Solid
20 Gauge Stranded
20 Gauge Stranded
24 Gauge Solid
24 Gauge Stranded
Chrome Yellow FEP Alumel Red FEP Brown FEP 200 - 2000°
Thermocouple K-FB/FB-20
20 Gauge Solid
20 Gauge Stranded
Chrome Yellow F-Glass Alumel Red F-Glass Brown F-Glass -

***All Items Available with Stainless Steel Overbraid


Conductors Stock Code Conductor Gauge and Type Construction
3 3C-RTD-24-WFEP 24 Gauge Nickel Plated Copper Red Red White
4 4C-RTD-24-WFEP Red Red Red White
6 6C-RTD-24-WFEP Red Red Red Red White White